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Tutorial 3: Adding a Shortcut

This tutorial extends the basic install to include a shortcut under the Start / Programs menu to the file 'ZOOM.TXT'.

  1. Open the database with Orca and select the File table. Locate the file you want to be the target of the shortcut. For zoom, its 'ZOOM.TXT', whichhas a file key of ZOOM.TXT_f1 in this example.

  2. We want to create a shortcut in the Start /Programs menu for the All Users profile. First,we want to ensure that the installation is installed for all users. To dothat, we add the ALLUSERS property to the Propertytable with a value of 1. Enter the following row into theProperty table with Orca:


  3. Next, we need to describe the directory where the shortcut will belocated. We can use the standard directory property ProgramMenuFolder, which will be set to the proper directory on the target machine when ALLUSERS is set to 1. However, we must still describe this directory in our installation. To do that, weenter a row into the Directory table:

    DirectoryDirectory_Parent DefaultDir

  4. Now we can create the shortcut. Display the Shortcut table and add a new row with the following columns, where NULL means that the column is empty.

    NameZoom Documentation
    DescriptionZoom documentation

  5. Now validate the database to ensure that there are no errors from editing. Correct any mistakes made during editing and savethe corrected database.

    The install now includes a working shortcut in the Start / Programs menu. However, if you test this install you'll see that the shortcut lacks an icon in the menu.

  6. Select an icon for your shortcut and save it as an icon (.ICO) file. We'll extract the icon from notepad and store it in the file c:\tmp\zoomtxt.ico. Display the Icon table and add a new row. Enter icoZoom for the Name column and for the Data column, enter the filename c:\tmp\zoomtxt.ico to import the icon data into the column.

  7. Display the Shortcut table and highlight the Icon_ column for your shortcut. Edit the value to be icoZoom, the key for the new record in the Icon_ table.

  8. Validate your install once more, correcting any errors resulting from editing.

  9. Save the modified database.